DOUBLECheck, is the solution designed to apply a multi factor authentication under the most recognized international security standards in the market.

DOUBLECheck provides a unique digital token per user which is capable to generate and provide the security codes needed to keep your business protected from data breaches and threats.

DOUBLECheck is conceived for its use and compatibility with most popular mobile devices, with a free download available in Google Play and App Store.

DOUBLECheck developers have applied control based specifications based upon standard international regulations related to ciphered algorithms and cryptographic code generators.

DOUBLECheck Multi factor authentication provides full compliance for all international on line transactions

In addition, we offer the most cost effective and competitive solution available in the market based upon an innovative licensing model in which clients are only charged per active user.

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Robust infrastructure

DOUBLECheck is provided in cloud format service.

Our primary configuration is designed with a high availability architecture, this means with redundancy elements to secure its functions, as well as scalable.

As a result if more capacity is needed due to an increase on the demand, aditional servers will be provided to ensure continuity.

Our servers are provided by Amazon Web Services with a primary location in East Virginia USA.

Up to the present day and since june 2017, our system has not been interrupted.

DOUBLECheck servers are designed to be serviced without interruption of the service.

Due to our provider AWS we can warranty a 99.9% availability of our service.

Secure communications

All communication with our servers is made by safe protocols HTTP 1.1 /TLS 1.2

  • Support only hard cyphers .
  • Authentication is applied in a reverse way by X.509 certificates.
  • Each client keeps its private keys and the servers do not keep costumer credentials.

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